Nutritional and Wellness Medicine:

  • Nutritional medicine is based upon the principle that food is medicine, acknowledging that nutrients, including essential micronutrients, are required for proper functioning of all biochemical processes which our bodies depend upon
  • When treating symptoms or diseases, the underlying cause is investigated, although often partly genetic, are usually connected with nutritional and environmental factors, which contrasts the tendency of conventional medical approaches to treat symptoms with drugs or surgery alone
  • Wellness medicine focuses on the whole of a person's well-being and seeks to identify the cause of a condition, rather than merely treating a specific symptom
  • Wellness medicine practitioners work alongside their patients in order to assist them in achieving optimal wellness by utilizing lifestyle prescriptions, natural medicines, and other holistic treatment approaches which complement the body’s natural processes and promote long-term health through a focus on an individual’s needs and not just the disease or health issue

Nutritional and Wellness Medicine Evaluation:

  • Proper nutrition intake is vital to maintaining a healthy functioning body
  • During nutritional and wellness medicine evaluation at choosing joy, inc., the doctor may discuss the following with you:
    • The history of the injury that led to your pain and your current complaints
    • Past medical history, to include: illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, and prior treatment
    • Family history, social history, and relationships
    • Present medications and/or supplements you may be taking
    • Allergies, nutrition/dietary habits
    • Movement, exercise and rest
    • Physical environment
    • Occupational history
    • Spirituality, mind-body connection, stress management and health goals
    • A review of any systemic issues you may be experiencing
  • Any health concerns you may have should be discussed at this evaluation so that the doctor can formulate a complete treatment recommendation that is specific to your needs

For more information regarding nutritional and wellness medicine, please visit the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health and Remède.