Chiropractic Physiotherapy & Spinal Manipulation:

  • The goal of chiropractic physiotherapy is to find the most painless dysfunction in the body, correct it so that it positively changes the movement pattern, and try to reestablish normalcy in the system in terms of deficits. This, in turn, will help with the pain
  • It is important to look at the problem globally, viewing full body movement and searching for the true source of pain/injury, and not necessarily what is "hurting." By only addressing the site of pain, it is possible to miss the reason why a person is experiencing pain
  • Chiropractic physiotherapists employ a general conservative care approach
  • Spinal manipulation is a non-invasive therapy that utilizes manipulation and mobilization techniques to help in restoring motion to restricted joints, that will help restore biomechanical dysfunction
  • Goal of spinal manipulation is to improve a joint or joint system's role in movement

Chiropractic Physiotherapy & Spinal Manipulation Evaluation:

  • In order to ascertain the most beneficial treatment plan, a chiropractic physiotherapy evaluation at choosing joy, inc. may include the following assessments:
    • A detailed medical history, including information regarding the current injury and/or reason for your visit
    • Prescription of beneficial exercises to improve body movement and function
    • Goal-setting to enhance the benefits of achieving improved health from treatment
    • A recommendation for x-rays or an MRI study for further analysis, if necessary
  • Any health concerns you may have should be discussed at this evaluation so that the doctor can formulate a complete treatment recommendation that is specific to your needs

For more information regarding chiropractic physiotherapy & spinal manipulation, please visit the International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialists and Mayo Clinic.